14 Nov 2012 - Press Release
Fractal Maps Released on Bloomberg's App Portal

1 Feb 2012 - Press Release
Fractal Maps Now Available in the Cloud

14 Mar 2011 - Press Release
ThinkFusion Acquire Fractal Maps

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ThinkFusion is proud of its award-winning technology, but we realize that in order to maximize our customers' return on investment and minimize the time to achieve that return, we rely on the domain expertize and cultural sensitivity of our deployment and product partners. Customers need total solutions, and data visualization is only one layer in the stack.

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Deployment Partners

Integrating Fractal Maps with the underlying data and fitting smoothly into the overall workflow is what our deployment partners do best. Fully trained and supported on ThinkFusion's enterprise product suite, but with a broader range of product and specific business expertize, our aim is to make them your best option for delivery within sophisticated enterprise architectures.

Advus · FusionExperience


Advus is a strategic consulting company specializing in business analytics and the visualization of core business functional data in a way that becomes actionable by executives, staff and customers. With expertise in financial institutions, retail, power distribution, healthcare, in both the greater New York City and Sao Paulo Brazil. Advus utilizes a unique proof of concept methodology that builds a fully functional visual analysis tool for immediate use in spotting trends and outliers that maximize profit opportunity while mitigating risk.


FusionExperience is a dynamic business and technology solutions company with proven expertise across multiple industry sectors and offices in London and New York. Originally focused within the Financial Services sector we now provide solutions to complementary markets globally. We offer our clients a blend of advisory, consultancy, design, build and recruitment services that deliver measurable solutions underpinned by our passion for successful outcomes.

Product Partners

Our product partners all have leading software products of their own each targeted at specific markets. Some product partners deal with vast amounts of data, others need to support real-time analysis, several have already implemented traditional dashboards and reporting. Some deliver onsite products and others deliver online services. But they all have one thing in common: they recognize the value of delivering ground-breaking data analysis capabilites by making Fractal Maps available to their customers out-of-the box.

Coins · Data Intelligence · Leiki · Performance Watch · Peracton · Sosius · TotalObjects


Coins offer a blend of consultancy, software and services to deliver market leading industry solutions for construction and engineering, facilities management and service, home building and property development, supply chain and e-commerce, design and BIM.


Leiki helps content owners such as publishers and retailers benefit from group level synergies and see outside the traditional focus on brand silos which fragment content over a multitude of different sites. Leiki discovers content relevant to the individual across all the publisher's domains, increasing traffic, audience and revenues for all sites. This creates a personal content space with high user retention that takes control of traffic flows away from the search engines and gives it back to the content owner.

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Performance Watch

Performance Watch™ Industry Solutions, powered by Advus, are preconfigured fast-adapt business solutions for Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Power Distribution, and Risk Management. Each solution has an associated business and technology methodology that speeds implementation of predictive analytic visualization solutions that are tailored to the specific industry and business function key performance and key risk indicators. Advus professionals lead business key stakeholders into what is needed to drive business results on a job-role basis, while leveraging existing data sources and application architecture.


Peracton's Maars product helps solve complex business and analytical problems in the investment management and the retail banking space, and includes solutions for Mutual Funds, Stocks, ETFs and other complex financial product selection.

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Sosius lets you share files and collaborate with colleagues, clients or partners wherever they are. There's no software to buy, no per-user licences to set up and you can be up and running with any group, any size, in just a few minutes. Files, folders, projects, blogs, workflows, databases, projects, tasks and more can all be created and then shared with anyone, wherever they are.

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TotalObject provides market leading insurance software solutions that fully automate broking and reinsurance recovery processes. Designed primarily for the London Insurance Market, TotalObjects is now successfully supporting global brokers and underwriters, addressing the whole lifecycle from risk capture through to accounting and settlement. Management information is provided effortlessly through the data warehousing and analytical component.